Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What kind of question is that

A junkie is a junkie
And a whore is a whore
What ever happened to love
Is it just another score

What ever happend to truth
Is it sinking into the pit
What ever happened to love
Is it just another hit

Nobody loses their way
Nobody needs to come back
Not every extended hand
Is an intended attack

There is no price to pay
Only fear is in control
There's always another day
That we can save our soul

Walk me to the edge
Play this game with me
Oppositional defiance
Is the only way to be free

Everything doesn't matter
Everything is turned around
When good is evil and evil good
The world is upside down

You take it all too serious
You can't take away my thrills
Especially my biggest one
Makin you pay my bills

I'll never hit rock bottom
But I can grab your shirt
As I'm goin over the edge
And together we can share the hurt

I'll never endanger
Everyone around you
That is something
I'll never do

There is no turn in the road
It's not my decision to make
It's always up to you
Will I be the one you forsake


9:21 am
*transcribed this time
8:37 am


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Thoughts after a 2 mile ice run

All you young men who threatened me
And challenged me to a fight
You better get your shit together
You better get your heads right

Something was watching over you
Because if you'd have put your hands on me
It's would have immediately gone to life and death
It would have immediately gone to

To be or not to be

I always carry at least three blades
And as crazy as it gets now a days
You'd have been loosing blood
And going into a daze

Before you'd have figured out
You were being killed
You were already dead
And all for that stupid stupid thrill

Of you being a bad ass
Ready to go post to pillar
Because frankly I'm not a fighter

But I am still a killer

6:14 pm
transcribed this time
6:37 pm





Friday, November 29, 2013

I will not be dragged into the shadows

I may go there to manuever
But I will go under my own will
I will not be dragged into the shadows
Because others have had their fill

Of fighting against the dark
The evil relentless ways
Of men who've fallen to the curse
Of what will others say

And thus when the final measure
Is taken all they will have is false pride
All they will have is the temporal power
To be in on the inside ride

The first respect is self respect
And sometimes it's all that is left
When the power gets done swirling
When you are cast out alone and bereft

But that's where the door is
To love and the natural beautiful earth
That's where the shimmering light
Meets the radiant waves

And why any of it has any worth



12:48 am
transcribed this time
11:35 am


Friday, November 8, 2013

Big Hero Shit and Lifes Cheat Sheet

Big hero shit
Lifes cheat sheet

You know I can
Write all this big hero shit
But when it
Gets to the end

I'll be remembering
What a beautiful day it was
When I was
Spending time with friends

Whether it was
Cleaning a lot
Mowing lawns
Or cutting trees

I'll be remembering
What a wonderful moment
It was when we were smiling
Laughing sweating being free

When the world was
A handshake
A joke
A look in the eye

When the truth
Was more
Than spoken words
And not telling a lie

It was a blue sky up above
A winter wind reminding us
We should have
Brought our gloves

Ahh yes....
Sometimes the only thing
Written on lifes cheat sheet is
Don't forget to ask the question

What is love

9:35 am
transcribed this time
10:43 am


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hey Baby....

I'll rock the world with you baby
I'll defend your freedom to the end
I'll share the stars and moon
But I'm never going to be just a friend

I'll cry rivers till they reach the sea
I'll always be real and never pretend
I'll be your true to the blue and friendly
But I will never be ....just your friend

I would dance with you in moonlight
I will not lie or misrpresent what I intend
I will love you till the ends of the earth
But never ever never ....be just your friend

I will phoenix with you in the fire
I will have the courage to bend and mend
I will love your moans and screams
Believe in you and your dreams

But Baby

I just ain't never gonna be just your friend


4:56 pm

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fear Not the Monsters and Angels

There's a numbness in the soul
Drifting through the air
Searching all about
And taking every dare

It's coming for any inspiration
It's coming for any resolve
It feeds off troubles and woes
And doesn't want them solved

Everything is taken back a notch
Everything is pulled back a step
It now operates without any mercy
Compassion forgiveness or regret

Whatever your passion is
To make this world a better place
There is an evil that has risen
And it has come to degrade grace

If you love dogs
It wants them to suffer more
No big deal if they are mistreated
It wants us knocked off the center of our core

If you love the military
Know of the sacrifices that they make
It wants the pride taken from their stride
Their victories seen as phony and fake

If you love your country
It wants you guilty and ashamed
It wants the negative only emphasized
It wants us bloody broken and blamed

This thing has been loosed
It's opportunistic and selfish in every detail
It takes as it's value not in its winning
But the sick twisted joy of seeing you fail

Know that it's in the culture
Know that it's all over the press
Know that it's sole purpose is to see you
Devalued stressed and depressed

Becareful in using your logic
Reason is not its primary seed
It'll tell you what you want to hear
But to give itself time to do its dirty deeds

Becareful in your avoidance
Becareful in pulling too far back
It's only giving itself the room
To come at you with a back attack

Breathe the open air
Take in the morning sun
Take joy in the simplist things
That you manage to get done

There is a monster in our midst
It runs in rivulets and rivers of pain
It changes into many shapes and forms
It changes it's approach and names

Believe and have faith
Hear the rain and its healing sounds
Look up into the darkest sky
And know that a hammer is coming down

Fear not the judgement of angels
Their singing swords of steel are real
And though you may tremble at first
The blood of your enemy does grow

To have its appeal

10:53 am
transcribed this time
12:40 pm


Monday, February 4, 2013

Boots on the Ground

With respect to Chris
I will run down the road
I will take careful aim
I will stand ready to reload

I will have faith in steadiness
And in my Brothers in Arms
I will put myself forth
To protect them from harm

I will put kit in my pack
A little coffee and cream
I will sweat it out
I will carry forth the dream

I will not succumb to lies
I will not forsake the brave
I will sit alone on a lonely road
And remember how many he saved

And will with unblinking eyes
Remember the enemy's death
Every day I live is precious
Every tear laugh and breath

Good Night my Brother
I see the Sunset and the sail
I see a lone Viking ship go up in flames
You took straight on your challenges

And did not fail

Thank you for digging deep
And for finding what you could give
Thank you for your love and honor
Thank you

For the way you lived

10:47 am
transcribed this time
11:24 am


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I am

I am a Hunter

I am a hunter of the tyrant
And the minions that do his bidding
I am a hunter of Benghazi killers
And those that laughed as if they're kidding

I am a hunter of the monsters
That would break into my home
I am a hunter for those invaders
Who would strip me to the bone

Because I believe in the 2nd Amendment
And the real belief that is down deep
So yeah I am a hunter for every single
Low life stinking traitor sell out creep

I have sighted in my rifle
And I am aware of when it is open season
I am aware of the arrogant ignorant beasts
Who stalk me without remource or reason

I have practiced at the range
Till I can place my shot where I aim
And yes I see that I am mocked and ridiculed
By the mentally deficient and twistedly insane

I know it is not only my guns they want
I know they want total control of my life and soul
So yeah I am a hunter and I will bear up
Whether it be in the heat the rain the sleet or cold

I am a hunter like my fore fathers gone before
I know the lay of the land and the distance inbetween
The lies and the filthy disguise they wear to take from me
My family My friends My Freedom and all that means

So yes I am a hunter
And I will take my oath and rise with gun in hand
I will do whatever is necessary to remain
A free and honorable man

10:19 pm
transcribed this time
8:52 am


Monday, January 21, 2013

The Truth

The truth of an accurate arrow
The truth of a snipers aim
The truth of a boxers blows
As he fights through his own pain

The truth of a baby newborn
The truth of a flower in bloom
The truth of an open window
Curtain blowing in an empty room

The truth of changing seasons
The truth of the waves on the sea
The truth of passing time
The measure of eternity

The truth of a smile or a tear
The truth of life or death
The truth as told by young or old
Can be found in each and every breath

6:43 pm
transcribed this time
6:52 pm