Monday, July 21, 2014

You can see it all around you

You can see it all around you
In your hometowns your cities
There is an evil loose that lives
to take and take without pity

Merciless is the new cry
From the mediocrity gone mad
They never truly feel glory
Nor do they experience sad

Power alone is their aphrodisiac
Is their elixir to gluttonously drink
They no longer honor honor
They no longer bother to think

They seek not wisdom
Nor do they set out to explore
The men are slugs and thugs or wusses
The women holes without souls and whores

They steal from the people
They lay waste to the land
With their ravenous greed to feed
Upon the beautiful and the grand

Burn all the libraries
Individuality be damned
The world is slipping away
Like sand through the hands

Emptiness is upon us
Now comes the dark without a dawn
The final battle calls to us
On which side of the river are you on

Which side of the river are you on

7:16 pm