Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What kind of question is that

A junkie is a junkie
And a whore is a whore
What ever happened to love
Is it just another score

What ever happend to truth
Is it sinking into the pit
What ever happened to love
Is it just another hit

Nobody loses their way
Nobody needs to come back
Not every extended hand
Is an intended attack

There is no price to pay
Only fear is in control
There's always another day
That we can save our soul

Walk me to the edge
Play this game with me
Oppositional defiance
Is the only way to be free

Everything doesn't matter
Everything is turned around
When good is evil and evil good
The world is upside down

You take it all too serious
You can't take away my thrills
Especially my biggest one
Makin you pay my bills

I'll never hit rock bottom
But I can grab your shirt
As I'm goin over the edge
And together we can share the hurt

I'll never endanger
Everyone around you
That is something
I'll never do

There is no turn in the road
It's not my decision to make
It's always up to you
Will I be the one you forsake


9:21 am
*transcribed this time
8:37 am


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Thoughts after a 2 mile ice run

All you young men who threatened me
And challenged me to a fight
You better get your shit together
You better get your heads right

Something was watching over you
Because if you'd have put your hands on me
It's would have immediately gone to life and death
It would have immediately gone to

To be or not to be

I always carry at least three blades
And as crazy as it gets now a days
You'd have been loosing blood
And going into a daze

Before you'd have figured out
You were being killed
You were already dead
And all for that stupid stupid thrill

Of you being a bad ass
Ready to go post to pillar
Because frankly I'm not a fighter

But I am still a killer

6:14 pm
transcribed this time
6:37 pm