Monday, September 26, 2011

Before it's time to die

How does one quit living
Before it is time to die
What words does one say to pray
When they have no soul to cry

What vast barren wasteland
Convinced you it's where you belong
How did you ever lose your place
Next to sacred grace and your favorite song

How many tears was it that fell
From your eyes and streaked down your cheeks
Before your dreams were lost to the silent scream
That comes from having no mouth to speak

Where does the Sunset go
When there no longer is a tommorrow
What great sadness is inside beauty
What great beauty is inside sorrow

Have you forgotten the promise that you made
How was it you lost track of what it takes to believe
Don't you recall the words that you said
Yes I know I know

If I am ever allowed to come back
I will always remember I must leave

8:14 pm
transcribed this time
3:58 pm


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Riding The Edge

I like riding the edge
Because that's where life and passion are
I like to look up into the night sky
Because that's where they keep the stars

The world is always playing music
But sometimes we can't hear it if we don't dance
How can we ever get to know each other
Unless we give each other a chance

I like making my move
But I never try to make it too soon
Sometimes I like to sit quietly
But I'm not above doing

Some howling at the moon

I like riding the edge
Even when I'm talking to you
I like looking up at the night sky
You never know when you'll see

A rogue comet streaking through

9:30 pm
transcribed this time
9:32 pm