Friday, November 29, 2013

I will not be dragged into the shadows

I may go there to manuever
But I will go under my own will
I will not be dragged into the shadows
Because others have had their fill

Of fighting against the dark
The evil relentless ways
Of men who've fallen to the curse
Of what will others say

And thus when the final measure
Is taken all they will have is false pride
All they will have is the temporal power
To be in on the inside ride

The first respect is self respect
And sometimes it's all that is left
When the power gets done swirling
When you are cast out alone and bereft

But that's where the door is
To love and the natural beautiful earth
That's where the shimmering light
Meets the radiant waves

And why any of it has any worth



12:48 am
transcribed this time
11:35 am



  1. I really enjoy your work, sir! If I may I'd like to comment here on a poem you wrote quite a few years ago that I came across. It was titled "Perforate and Sever." I've trained in martial arts of many kinds for many years and that little poem reminded me of my days spent training with knives and blades. I was curious as to whether you've had some experience in the matter? - Justin