Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fear Not the Monsters and Angels

There's a numbness in the soul
Drifting through the air
Searching all about
And taking every dare

It's coming for any inspiration
It's coming for any resolve
It feeds off troubles and woes
And doesn't want them solved

Everything is taken back a notch
Everything is pulled back a step
It now operates without any mercy
Compassion forgiveness or regret

Whatever your passion is
To make this world a better place
There is an evil that has risen
And it has come to degrade grace

If you love dogs
It wants them to suffer more
No big deal if they are mistreated
It wants us knocked off the center of our core

If you love the military
Know of the sacrifices that they make
It wants the pride taken from their stride
Their victories seen as phony and fake

If you love your country
It wants you guilty and ashamed
It wants the negative only emphasized
It wants us bloody broken and blamed

This thing has been loosed
It's opportunistic and selfish in every detail
It takes as it's value not in its winning
But the sick twisted joy of seeing you fail

Know that it's in the culture
Know that it's all over the press
Know that it's sole purpose is to see you
Devalued stressed and depressed

Becareful in using your logic
Reason is not its primary seed
It'll tell you what you want to hear
But to give itself time to do its dirty deeds

Becareful in your avoidance
Becareful in pulling too far back
It's only giving itself the room
To come at you with a back attack

Breathe the open air
Take in the morning sun
Take joy in the simplist things
That you manage to get done

There is a monster in our midst
It runs in rivulets and rivers of pain
It changes into many shapes and forms
It changes it's approach and names

Believe and have faith
Hear the rain and its healing sounds
Look up into the darkest sky
And know that a hammer is coming down

Fear not the judgement of angels
Their singing swords of steel are real
And though you may tremble at first
The blood of your enemy does grow

To have its appeal

10:53 am
transcribed this time
12:40 pm


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