Saturday, February 1, 2014

I must

I've been living in an intellectual wasteland
Like reading is the most boring thing
There is nothing in their empty heads
That makes them want to sing

That wait for you in bookstores
Like when are we going someplace else
There is nothing of ideas they want to discuss
All they're truly interested in is their self

They split their attention when you speak
To them of something of which you truly care
They're absolutely amazed when you stop
They just look dumb founded and stare

I've been living in an intellectual wasteland
Where art is just some shallow la di da
They could care less about a painting
Or a sculpture or anything you ever saw

That had any heart and sweat and divinity in it
That has any echo of infinity in its form
Empty pattern after empty pattern they do go on
Even their way to rebel is but a way to conform

I must find another set of invitations to accept
I must find another for whom I can reach out
I must find the presence of those who share
The driving force inside to find what its about

When speaking of the roads to creativity
And how to get magic projects put in play
I've been living in an intellectual wasteland
I must find another way


7:16 pm

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