Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What does it take

Some of this
Some of that

There are those among us who when
The call to Man Your Battle Stations came
Would turn their focus from the real enemy
And look to blame some one in some little game

Yes sadly some would turn away
Some would quietly pass their time
Looking only for a personal benefit
As they go to pretending every thing is fine

It's like keeping a plow for investment
Instead of as something to work the field
Money is not the only measure of
Of what is valuable worthy and real

Words like silence can be golden
Is the truth not the truth when not spoken
Is a promise still a matter of honor
When non use is abuse and a promise broken

Integrity calls to us all
Who will answer and when
Who will measure this beating hearts treasure
By realizing what we do

Is what we intend

12:33 pm
transcribed this time
12:36 pm


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