Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lie Cheat Steal and Rob

Lie cheat steal and rob
Whatever it takes whatever it takes
If it takes a lie he'll lie
If it takes a pretender he's completely fake

If you want the truth
I hope you're willing to wait
Till Hell freezes over
As he spits upon the pearly gates

There's never been a bigger fraud
Loser psycho or con man
By incompetence or will of action
He's enacting an evil plan

To rob good people of their homes
To destroy the sovereignty of our nation
It thrills him to see Marines die
Workin his ROE's in deadly situations

He's a scum bag to the max
A Communist to the Core
He wants your sons wussified out
He wants your daughters to be PC whores

Bend over and take it for the smiler
The deceiver the weaver and thief
He's the destroyer of free market employers
He laughs at your heart aches and grief

9:52 am
Ovomit uses Holder to attack Arizona
Ovomit is shutting down 9 border stations
Ovomit and his willing media accomplices

Are doing everything to blind cripple
And kill our wonderful beautiful nation
transcribed this time
10:29 am


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