Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gutless Sneaks

Gutless Sneaks
Roaming about
Deliberately trying
To create fear and doubt

Vendettas and Grudges
Imagined and Real
And they only care
How one side feels

And there's always sides
In these freaks minds
Always a reason an excuse
To treat somebody unkind

They work in conspiracy
In collaboration like thieves
Stealing happiness and peace of mind
Oh how they enjoy

Making somebody grieve


It's a point of obsession
It's a point of pride
They are just way too important
To let anything ride

They'll kill pets
Threaten women and kids
Their souls are up on the blocks
And evil is putting in the bids

6:54 pm
written over a period of days
from the 23rd to this 27th of june


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