Friday, May 4, 2012

Baby Girl

Baby Girl just died
I don't know why
I know sooner or later
I'm going to outwardly cry

But for now
Right before I lay down to sleep
My chest is tight
And my sorrow deep

Lightning stood watch over her
Oh how she could move and jump around
She was such a dancer for joy
She made the weirdest funniest sound

It happened so quick
I still love her so
May her spirit fly free
And go where it will go

Taking part of me with her
She was barely a year old
I love you baby girl
I love you heart and soul

I loved your whirling around
Happy every single day
No one was more genuine
Thank you for coming my way

I love you Baby Girl
I thank you for it all
And of course now
The tears begin to fall

I love you Baby Girl

If I never would have lived
I never would have died
If I never would have loved
I never would have cried

12:16 am

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